What is Responsive Web Design?

It is a comparably new website design approach that satisfies users to have a good viewing participation on all devices whether a desktop, tablet, or phone by automatically adjusting the website to fit the device the user is reading at that moment.

It has become progressively important within the last few years as mobile device usage has escalated that 8 out 10 users are now on mobile. Google is now favoring in its search results algorithm businesses that have their websites mobile optimized as the majority of users are searching using their mobile devices.

With mobile usage increasing by a rate of over 50%, it’s important for you and your business to develop a website that can be viewed properly on all devices and platforms.

According to Microsoft research, by 2014 mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop Internet usage. “Google has stated that a responsive website design will be favored in their search results”

Are you experiencing high bounce rates from your mobile users to your website?

Have you noticed an increase in mobile base users accessing your site?


If you answered Yes to either of these questions, perhaps it is time to adapt the growing technological demand of your audience.


Responsive Web Design focus on an optimum user experience by creating a positive user experience for your visitors, you will reap the benefits of higher conversion rates and increase engagement of your website content.

Instead of spreading your website traffic and marketing efforts between mobile and desktop usage, build a single website that can be viewed in any screen size and type.

Responsive Web Design puts all of your important information in the easiest possible format for your visitors, no more scrolling, zooming, panning or squinting.

All of your links and buttons are more accessible than ever; no matter the size of the screen, from HD to handheld, we got it covered.

Your brand is your identity online, within your look and feel of your website of the responsive design. A consistent website will give consistent results, although separate mobile websites have a practical but limited application, a responsive design is the most SEO effective solution. Now there is only one site for search engines to crawl; your visitors will be pleased to know they only have to share one link to your website.

One website, one CMS, means unlimited potential. Responsive design is not a closely guarded secret, but it has become actually a recommended industry website development practice. Big players, such as Microsoft, The Boston Globe and Smashing magazine have adapted their web presence to reflect the needs of their visitors, Stay on the forefront of technology, develop your website responsibly today!

Mobile Statistics in 2018

  • According to Smart Insights 80% own a smartphone
  • Per comScore 69% spend their media time on smartphones
  • Shocking news as Google drives 96% of mobile search traffic
  • Smart Insights reports that mobile apps account for 89% of media time
  • Research shows that 80% of social media time is spent on a mobile device
  • Over 50% grab their smartphone immediately after waking up
  • 57% won’t refer a business with a bad-designed mobile site
  • 8 out 10 users will check their emails entirely from their mobile devices

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According to the Pew Internet Research Center, as of September 2012, 87% of all American adults have a cell phone, while 45% have a smartphone device. Moreover, 25% have a tablet that they use to access the Internet on the go. As of April 2012, 56% of all adult cellphone owners access the internet via their mobile device.

Because mobile web makes searching locally so convenient, most users turn to their smartphones for everything they do online –from finding the nearest coffee shop, restaurant or department store.

Has your website been developed to meet your customer needs? If not, a responsive website design from Trendy Mobile Designs is the answer.

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