How can you build your site in such a way that will satisfy both your visitors as well as online search engines? First and foremost, how can SEO assist your online presence growing more fruitful?

The fundamental goal of Web SEO is to create a pleasant, easy to navigate around and smooth user experience that the visitor will want to come back and refer others to your site.

It’s of paramount importance to communicate to the search engines your protocol so they can index your website for relevant searches.

Your site content, shared information architecture, Content Management System –CMS- and framework represent your backbone structure; your links, organic search, and social media communications serve as the medium on which the website produces the results aimed to obtain.

Since search engines’ purpose is to crawl, organize and index your site as best as possible, they will refer users to your website content that represents the most relevant to what the visitor is looking for.

The performance of your site will result on how fast it uploads your content free of errors. Contingent on your site content, other site owners will link your site to theirs if they find it relevant to their interests. Thus, their linking operation allows your site to grow in stature and authority.

Shady link tactics and questionable methods with the goal in mind to trick the search engine bots only end-up in hurtful results in the long haul. Sooner than later you will be caught and your site will be penalized for a long time. It is extremely difficult for your website to restore back to the same authoritative levels from such negative practices.

Overuse of keywords or Keyword Stuffing on your pages only amounts to hurt you in the long haul. Keyword density should be maintained at no greater than 5 percent.

Excessive advertisements disturb visitors from your products and services; thus, this deviates the visitor attention from your site to the ads making it too difficult for people to find the content they were looking for to begin with, resulting in a poor user experience and an increase in bounce rate to 80 percent or higher.

We suggest you to always keep Web SEO in perspective and always follow best practices. Skipping Web SEO basics will only leave your site’s structure vulnerable to a huge mess and inhibit your site from fully boosting profit opportunities.